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Advanced Reactors with Innovative Fuels

Additional authors: Nuclear Energy Agency.
Series: Nuclear Science, 1990-0643. Published by : OECD Publishing, (Paris :) Physical details: 462 p. : ill. ; 20x27cm. ISBN:9789264173866.
Subject(s): Nuclear Energy | Switzerland
Year: 1999 List(s) this item appears in: PHYSICS BOOKS
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Foreword -- Executive Summary -- Opening Session -- -Opening Address by S. Ion -- Barriers and Incentives to Introducing New Reactors in the Deregulated Electricity Market by W. L. Wilkinson -- The Need to Preserve Nuclear Fuels and Materials Knowledge by L. C. Walters and J. Graham -- High Temperature Gas Reactors -- -European Collaboration on Research into High-Temperature Reactor Technology by T.J. Abram, D. Hittner, W. von Lensa, A. Languille, D. Buckthorpe, J. Guidez, and J. Martin-Bermejo -- Design of B4C Burnable Particles Mixed in LEU fuel for HTRs by V. Berthou, J. L. Kloosterman, H. van Dam, T.H.J.J. Ver der Hagen -- Thorium and Plutonium Utilisation in Pebble-Bed Modular Reactor by U.E. Sikik, H. Dikmen, Y. Cecen, U. Colak, and O.K. Kadiroglu -- A Conceptual Fluidised Particle-Bed Reactor - Application of Space-Dependent Kinetics by C.C. Pain, J.L.M.A. Gomes, M.D. Eaton, C.R.E. de Oliveira, A. P. Umpleby, A.J.H. Goddard, H. van Dam, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, and D. Lathouwers -- Design and Performance of Innovative Fuels -- -Extensive Characterisation of a Material for Understanding its Behaviour as a Nuclear Fuel: The Case of a Zirconia-Plutonium Inert-Matrix Fuel by C. Degueldre, F. INgold, C. Hellwig, S. Conradson, M. Dobeli, and Y.W. Lee -- Annular Plutonium-Zirconium Nitride Fuel Pellets by M. Streit, F. Inold, L. J. Gauckler, and J.-P. Ottaviani -- Rock-Like Oxide Fuels for Burning Excess Plutonium in LWRs by T. Yamashita, K. Kruamoto, H. Akie, Y. Nakomo, N. Nitani, T. Nakamura, K. Kusagaya, and T. Ohmichi -- Application of Cermica Nuclear Fuel Materials for Innovative Fuels and Fuel Cycles by Y.-W. Lee -- Innovative MOX Fuel for Fast Reactor Applications by K. Bakker, H. Thesingh, t. Ozawa, Y. Shigetome, S. Kono, H. Endo, Ch. Hellwig, P. Heimgartner, F. Ingold, H. Wallin -- Behaviour of Rock-Like Oxide Fuels under Reactivity-Initiated Accident Conditions by K. Kusagaya, T. Nakamura, M. Yoshinaga, and H. Akie -- Theoretical Requirements to Tolerances to be Imposed on Fuel Rod Design Parameters for RBEC-M Lead-Bismuth Fast Reactor by A. Vasiliev, P Alekseev, K. Mikityuk, P. Fomichenko, and A. Shestopalov -- Advanced Plutonium Assembly (APA): Evolution of the Concept, Neutron and Thermal-Mechanic Constraints by J. Porta, B. Gastaldi, C. Krakowiak-Aillaud, and L. Buffe -- Thermophysical and Chemical Properties of Minor-Actinide Fuels by M. A. Mignanelli and R. Thetford -- Some Views on the Design and Fabrication of Targets or Fuels Containing Curium by J. Sowers, A. Fernandez, R.J.M. Konings and G. Ledergerber -- Evolutionary and Modular Water Reactors -- -Innovative Features and Fuel-Design Approach in the IRIS Reactor by B. Petrovic, M. Carelli, E. Greenspan, H. Matsumoto, E. Padrovani, and F. Ganda -- Core Concept for Long Operating Cycle Simplified BWR (LSBWR) by K. Hiraiwa, N. Yoshida, M. Nakamaru, H. Heki, M. Aritomi -- Core Design Study on Reduced-Moderation Water Reactors by H. Akie, Y. Nakamo, T. Sirakawa, T. Okubo, and T. Iwamura -- The Utilisation of Thorium Fuel in a Generation IV Light Water Reactor Design by T. J. Downar, Y. Xu -- Thorium Fuel in LWRs: An Option for an Effective Reduction of Plutonium Stockpiles by D. Porsch, D. Sommer -- PWRs Using HTGR Fuel Concept with Cladding for Ultimate Safety by Y. Shimazu, H. Tochihara, Y. Akiyama, and K. Itoh -- Feasibility of Partical LWR Core Loadings with Inert-Matrix Fuel by U. Kasemeyer, Ch. Hellwig, D. W. Dean, R. Chawla, G. Meier, and T. Williams -- CEA Studies about Innovative Water-Cooled Reactor Concepts by P. Dumaz, A.Bergeron, G. M. Gautier, J. F. Pignatel, G.PRimpault, G. Youinou -- BARS: BWR with Advanced Recycle System by K. Hiraiwa, Y. Yamamoto, K. Yoshioka, M. Yamaoka, A. Inoue, J. Mimatu -- Advanced Fuel Cycle for Long-Lived Core of Small-Size Light Water Reactor of ABV Type by A. Polismakov, V. Tsbulsky, A. Chibinyaev, and P. Alekseev -- A New Approach for the Systems Dedicated to Transmutation: The Reactor with Compensated Beta by B. Bernardin -- Fast Spectrum Reactors -- -A Simplified LMBFR Concept (SFR) by D. V. Sherwood, and T. A. Lennox -- The Design of the Enhanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (EGCR) by H. M.Beaumont, A. Cheyne, J. Gilroy, G. Hulme, T. A. Lennox, R. E. Sunderland, and D.P.Every -- The Flexibility of CO2-Cooled Fast Reactors for Plutonium and Minor-Actinide Management by H. M>Beaumont, R. E. Sunderland, T. A. Lennox, J. T. Murgatroyd, E. K. Whyman, G. Hulme, and S. J. Crossley -- RBEC Lead-Bismuth-Cooled Fast Reactor: Review of Conceptual Design by P. Alekseev, P. fomichenko, K. Mikityuk, V. Nevinitsa, T. Shchepetina, S. Subbotin, and A. Vasiliev -- Design and Performance Studies for Minor-Actinide Target Fuels by T. D. Newton and P.J. Smith -- Applications of "CANDLE" Burn-Up Startegy to Several Reactors by H. Sekimoto -- Molten-Salt Reactors -- -Molten-Salt Reactor for Burning of Transuranium Nuclides Forming in Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle by P. N.Alekseev, A. A. Dudnikov, V. v. Ignatiev, N.N. Ponomarev-Stepnoy, V. N. Prusakov, S. A. Subbotin, A. V. Vasiliev, and R. Ya. Zakirov -- AMSTER: A Molten Salt Reacor Concept Generating Its Own 233U and Incinerating Transuranium Elements by D. Lecarpentier, C. Garzenne, J. Vergnes, H. Mouney, and M. Delpech -- The SPHINX Project: Experimental Verification of Design Inputs for a Transmuter with Liquid Fueld Based on Molten Flourides by M. Hron, J. Uhlir, and J. Vanicek -- Proposal of a Molten-Salt Systm for Long-Term Energy Production by V. Berthou, I. Slessarev, and M. Salvatores -- Accelerator-Driven Systems -- -Experimental Investigations of the Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies at the Subcritical Facility "Yalina" by S.E. Chiginov, H. I. Kiyavitskaya, I. g. Serafinovich, I. L.adhno, C. K.Rutkovskaia, Y. fokov, A. M> Khilmanovich, B. A. Marstinkevich, V. V. Bournos, S. V. Korneev, S. E. Mazanik, A. V. Kulikovsakya, T.P. Korbut, N. K. Voropaj, I. V. Zhouk, and M. K. Kievec -- MYRRHA, A Multi-Purpose ADS for R&D: PRe-Design Phase Completion by H> Ait Abderrahim, P. Kupschus, PH.Benoit, E. Malambu, K. Van tichelen, B.Arien, F. Vermeersch, Th Aoust, Ch. De Raedt,S. Bodart, P.D'hondt, Y. Jongen, S. Ternier, and D. Vandeplassche -- Optimisation of Condeptual Design of Cascade Subcritical Molten-Salt Reactor by A. Vasiliev, P. Alekseev, A. Dudnikov, K. Mikityuk, and S. Subbotin -- Transmutation and Incineration of MAs in LWRs, MTRs, and ADSs by Ch De Raedt, B.Verboomen, Th-Aoust, H. Ait Abderrahim, E. Malambu, and L. H. Baetsle -- Determination of the 233Pa(n,f) Reaction Cross-Section for Thorium Fueled Reactors by F. tovesson, F.J. Hambsch, A. Oberstedt, B. Fogelberg, E. Ramstrom and S. Oberstedt -- Miscellaneous Themes -- -The Key Role of Critical Mock-Up Facilities for Neutronics Physics Assessment fo Advanced Reactors: An Overview of CEA Cadarache Tools by g. Bignan, D. Rippert, and P. Fougeras -- Advnaced concepts for Waste Management and Nuclear Energy Production in the EURATOM 5th Framework Programme by M. Hugon, V. P. Bhatnagar, and J Martin Bermejo -- Annex 1. List of Participants -- Annex 2. Technical Programme

Plutonium and minor actinide burning or recycling in thermal and fast reactors is being studied in many countries with the aim of maintaining and developing fuel cycle options which can be adjusted to changing demands and constraints. The challenge is to move towards an economically and socially sustainable nuclear energy system based on advanced reactors - advanced water-cooled reactors, fast reactors and perhaps accelerator-based, hybrid reactors - and new types of fuel cycles which help to minimise the waste arising. An additional issue concerns the availability of resources for the long-term future. This workshop introduced new ideas on R&D activities and identified areas and research tasks relevant for the deployment of new systems and in which international co-operation can be strengthened. The roles played by existing experimental facilities as well as possible needs for new ones are discussed. The conclusions of the technical sessions are synthesised and the results of a round table discussion on international co-operation are presented.

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